Project Haiti Heart: A Care-Full Trip

Here in the United States, when we’re sick and have to see a doctor, we know that we can go to a clean, modern hospital and get the care that we need. For the people of Fond Parisien, Haiti, this dream hasn’t yet been a reality. As part of a design team of selected healthcare architects and engineers in the Atlanta area, we were chosen to have the opportunity to be part of Project Haiti Heart, whose mission is to design and build a new two-story, 12,000 square foot hospital in the city of Fond Parisien, Haiti. The name of the hospital is “Hôpital Christ Pour Tous,” which translates to “Christ For All Hospital.” This will truly be a hospital that all of the residents of Fond Parisien can be proud of; features include an on-site pharmacy, numerous check-up rooms, an ambulance area, and centralized file and supply rooms.

Building a hospital in the States with all of the resources and expertise is one thing, but it is another to design a hospital in a place with a very different culture and resources. In Haiti, a hospital to the citizens is essentially defined as any building where a doctor may reside. This is where the challenge began, as procedures are literally done in a room with 4 walls and a bed; there is no infection control whatsoever. Our staff members visited the project site in Haiti in order to understand the needs of the people of Haiti and to know what type of materials and expertise the area had to offer.

The M/E/P services that were provided for Christ For All Hospital, such as consultations, site visits, and providing best practice recommendations, are similar to those that Conway & Owen has previously done for other healthcare and hospital projects. As such, we are honored to be a part of Project Haiti Heart and look forward to seeing its completion.