Our Services


+Mechanical Services
Air Distribution
HVAC Piping
Energy Management Systems
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Energy Consumption Studies
Cost Estimating
Process Systems
Building Automation


+Electrical Services
Electrical Distribution
Critical Systems including Emergency Generators and Uninterruptible Power Systems
Grounding Systems
Lighting Control and Dimming Systems
Building System Analysis
Building & Interior Lighting Design
Short Circuit Analysis
Life Safety Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Medium Voltage Distribution
Lightning Protection
Power Quality Analysis
Interior and Exterior Lighting Designs
Site Lighting Designs
Power System Designs
Due Diligence Studies and Reports


+Plumbing Services
Hot and Cold Water Piping Systems
Drain, Waste & Vent Piping Systems
Storm Water Piping Systems
Natural Gas Piping Systems
Fuel Oil Piping Systems
Backflow Prevention
Booster Pump Systems
Lift Stations
Medical Gas Piping

Fire Protection:

+Fire Protection Services
Sprinkler Systems
Standpipe Systems
Fire/Jockey Pumps
Dry Systems
Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Specialized Services


Energy Modeling

Lighting Design

Feasibility Studies


Information Technology System (ITS) Design