12/20/2013 - Project Haiti Heart: A Care-Full Trip

Here in the United States, when we’re sick and have to see a doctor, we know that we can go to a clean, modern hospital and get the care that we need. For the people of Fond Parisien, Haiti, this dream hasn’t yet been a reality. As part of a design team of selected healthcare...


12/15/2013 - Conway & Owen Hires New Employees

Conway & Owen has recently hired 3 new employees: Alex Hilliard, EIT, LEED AP; Colin Levesque, P.E.; and Elana Augustine.

Mr. Hilliard is an Electrical Engineer with 6 years of experience, most notably in hospital and healthcare design. His work responsibilities include energy analysis and project conception, design, and delivery. Mr. Hilliard has a Bachelor...


12/10/2013 - Auburn University Montgomery Student Wellness Center Project Wins Awards

Conway & Owen was part of the design team for the award-winning Auburn University Montgomery Student Wellness Center, which was presented with the AIA Montgomery Honor Award and the AIA Alabama Merit Award. Criteria for the awards includes design excellence, sustainability, and addressing key project issues. With features such as multiple fitness rooms, a swimming...


12/09/2013 - Guess Who’s Blogging Now?

You can start to read all about it here! Beginning today, Conway & Owen will be writing a monthly blog on Blogger; topics include company news, project information, and industry trends. Our inaugural blog topic features Project Haiti Heart, whose mission is to design the new Christ For All Hospital in the City of Fond...


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