Working at Conway & Owen

Conway & Owen engineers work closely with top architects, developers, and construction firms delivering design services in various commercial markets. We offer each employee the ability to grow professionally by working closely with seasoned engineering professionals.

Ingrained in our culture is teamwork, dedication, and commitment. Conway & Owen encourages a work-life balance for each employee by focusing on health & wellness, flexibility, and overall job satisfaction.

Employees are challenged to learn and think outside the box. Professional development is encouraged, and mentoring is practiced.

The office environment is professional yet relaxed and fun! It is not uncommon to see team members taking a break to play a quick game of pool! Conway & Owen encourages its employees to take advantage of health & wellness options offered as part of their standard benefits package.

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1455 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway

Alpharetta, GA 30004

Phone: 678.350.9000

Fax: 678.350.9010


1100 South College Street

Suite 203

Auburn, AL 36832

Phone: 334.826.8858

Fax: 334.826.8859