Presbyterian Homes of Georgia, Austell


The project includes a mixture of renovation and additions/alterations to the existing campus including the following buildings:

  • Hearthstone: This structure is the newest facility on campus and requires a refurbishment of the interior finishes and lighting.
  • Retirement Services Center: The most notable changes within this structure will occur on the Terrace and First floor and will include the largest building addition identified by this study. The addition will include a new 200+ seat multipurpose room adjacent to the lobby and an expanded dining room on the Terrace Level. Extensive renovations are slated within the existing building on the Terrace Level to expand the kitchen and add a 1000 square feet pub that can be serviced by the kitchen. Refurbishment of the existing lobby and corridors were identified as a top priority. A small alteration of the third floor common areas is also included.
  • Health Services Center: The work within this building includes extensive
    refurbishment of the common areas, corridors and patient rooms. Extensive
    renovations to the Terrace Level will provide a new 6000+ square foot physical and
    occupational therapy (OT) Suite, as well as a new staff lounge, a new facilities office, a consolidated materials management suite and a reorganization of the circulation to
    create better organization of the floor. An addition to the Lakeview Room will provide an enclosed space for approximately 90-seats separate from the corridor. Another addition is planned for A and D Halls to provide six private rooms on the first and second floors. Conversion of double occupancy rooms and a refurbishment of the hall baths are also included.
  • Village Center: An expansion of one side of the Village Center will provide additional space in the fitness suite to allow for larger locker rooms and additional fitness space on the Terrace Level. The addition will also include an expansion to the arts and crafts room, a new stair and elevator. The expansion will also serve as a tie-in to the build-out of the area above the pool which will add two large aerobic and activity rooms.
  • Parking and Site Considerations: Work includes the addition of parking and dedicated drop-off driveway for the new PT entrance at the Health Services Center.


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