Project Description


Mitsubishi Power Systems Turbine Manufacturing Plant


This 413,500 square foot plant manufactures gas turbine combustor components for the support of currently operating units in the Western hemisphere and new turbines worldwide. This facility also provides comprehensive service capabilities to support turbine rotor, rotor balancing, valve, and other large component repairs and upgrades for gas and steam turbines and assembles the next generation of high-efficiency, low-emission gas turbines. HVAC design included a central plant with chillers, cooling tower, variable primary flow chilled water system, air rotation units for manufacturing plant cooling, heating and ventilation, process condenser water system, process chilled water system, dust collection system, and coating booth ventilation system. The plumbing design included air compressors, receivers, and dryers associated with a compressed air system, argon tank farm associated with argon gas piping system, hydrogen tank farm and associated hydrogen gas piping system, and vacuum piping system. The electrical design included a 16 megaWatt electrical power plant for the manufacturing facility and office space. The system also included 1 megaWatt of generator backup system and a 500 KVA UPS system for the manufacturing process.




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